Mobile Massage of Hershey - Onsite Chair Massage for Groups, Companies, and Events

Bring wellness, focus, and tranquility into your group event. We can accommodate you in the middle of a busy work day, at an office party, employee appreciation day, employee wellness initiative or even just at home for a  ladies spa party, wedding showers, or baby showers. We can work with you to develop a successful event. Please contact or 717-525-3852.

NEW Starting in May 2017 we will also be offering here at Brownstone, chair massages and "table tune ups" as we call them. We will have a select day and block of time where you will be able to walk in - no appointment necessary,  to get anywhere from a 10 to 25 minute seated chair massage or quick table massage. Both of these services are done fully clothed.

This is a great opportunity to recharge mid-day whether you are on a lunch break or you just can't seem to rid yourself of that tension headache and you need quick relief. Sign up for our email list and follow us on Facebook Brownstone Station Massage And Bodywork to get alerts for availability pop ups.

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